Thursday, 27 November 2008

Well It's Good Night. :)

Its 10:03 and the atmosphere is... Well Nothing.
There really is no atmosphere when there's an Inflatable dog looking at you.
Stupid Rowdy.

I think i'll just do Shout-Outs Cause I'm Bored... And It.. 10:04 Now...

1. Jorden; Bestest Pal Foreverest xD
Can't believe you didn't want me to Meet Chocolate Bear ;O
Whats the worst that could happen.. Other than me Bringing up Scrubs.

2. Dean; I think your Statement made me realise i have enough.
But Thanks :)

3. Pamelar; Tallicists for life Biatch.
You're like one of my Bestest pals now :)
Haha.. I;m Glad we found a religion with truth & Moral.

4. Brian, Alex & Lewis; You all are my Bestest Pals
But Think... When were we last all Together..
The good Old times..
Just Think.

5. Chloe; Mainly, Don't complain that you're Fifth... It Means you're also...
And if you're last.. People will remember it the Most. :)
Well.. I Really Love you.. I've been through alot, Which only me and ?????? know About.
But I'd never do anything to hurt you.
I love you x :)

I Mainly did this Blog to Mention Chocolate Bear. I Finally have someone to talk about Scrubs with :D.

Psyched Much.

Catch x

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