Thursday, 25 June 2009

Celebratory 31st Post?

It's been ages since my last post D:
But... well, I feel like posting now.
I'll go read what the last one said and see what's changed...

Oh. My Last post was Samie's special one :P
Okay. After reading my last 5 - 6 posts...
They all have not said anything about my life.!
So i'll do it now.

Hello, I'm Matt ;)
I Love my best friends.. Who mainly all female...
And I've went out with the majority of them! :D

I am taken by the lovely Alexandra Eleanor Findlay.
She puts of smile of my face as big as a fat mans belly :)
What a simile.

If you don't know... I LOVE CRISTINA SCABBIA!
Skay-Bee-Ah. Not Scab-E-Ah.
And there is no "H" in Cristina!! :)

I'm in a band...
Pissing With Wood!
Practicing with them makes me happy ;D
Unless someone takes shit seriously.
It's pointless to take something seriously in the band..
It's for fun!

I'll be gutted it when i post this it doesn't have all the pretty spacing i give it.
Y'know what made me happy today...

"Matt, I just want to say thank you. You are so amazing.
I never thought i would be able to love and trust someone again...
But you proved me wrong.
So that makes you the most amazing person in the world to me.
I Love you Matthew James Alder. x x"

That's the text word for word. Now that made my day :D
And she spelled my name right!!!

Holidays Sooonnnnn!!!
Last day tomorrow. It'll be braw.
Not seeing Alex for another week though :(
And it's already been two since i last saw her!!!

Now I'm gonna go watch some new scrubs episodes...
I find out Janitor's name soon!

I Love you All !!
Peace Out, Homiess!!!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Samantha Claire Green ;)

Ohhh. She's a Loser by the way.
But Hands off ;)

Only I am allowed to take the utter pish out of her xD
This loser has been there a lot for me.
4 years we've known eachother.
We didnt really like eachother at first, i don't think :]

I mind once in second year, me and Daniel were talking to her in the old school..
We were walking through the link and she was looking at us.
Shoulda watched where you were going and you wouldn't of walked in to that pillar ;)

We are absolutely amazing besto's now :P
Ever since we went out. Aha.
That didnt work out though :(
I hope we're still getting married though, And moving to Mianus!

Plan "Marks & Spencers" - Phail.

But i love my Samie and she'll always be there for me ;)
Shame she thinks Pete Wentz is hot.

Enjoy you're Birthday in 2 Days :D
Loves you Lots.
Best Friend.

Thursday, 2 April 2009


Right... Gimmie a min... Eating Food.
Nom Nom Nom.


Number one - Sometimes it's kind of annoying when you do it.
But it's for me benefit i guess.
Thanks :)

Number Two -
Ahh! I met you today and you're awesome.
Sucks how far away you live D:
I love your Accent!
I thought it was Californian ! :P

Number Three -
We're Best friends forever like!
I love you morestest babe :D
Hope all goes well with him ;)

Number Four - Dun Dun Dun...

Number Five - Ach, I love you babe :)



Turned on telly to see Pamela Anderson offer someone a cigarette... And the guy was like "I Don't Smoke." So she took a draw and a bullet shot out through the fag and hit his head. D:

He falls down dead and she goes "Neither do i."

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Srsly Whudafuh!

So you go ahead a spent £40 on someones birthday present... then expect me to pay you half of it when i didn't know you were getting it?!?!?! Thanks, Thanks alot.

Number 4.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Only Statements.

1. Okay, Maybe i do. But you don't.

2. I know you'll never read this but... You annoy the hell outta me. None of us actually like you.

3. I want to be best friends again?

4. Similar to 2... Except its only just happened. You are becoming a dick like 5.

5. You're a dick.

6. I love you two, aha. You're like two of my best pals now. :)

7. How come we hated each other in 1st, 2nd ad 3rd year... Now we're best friends?

8. I still don't like you, Carpet Shagger. ;D

Isn't 8 so Obvious.

9. I'm sorry for anything i ever did EVER to hurt you three. You're way better pals then 4 & 5 and the only reason I'm paranoid about you always being pissed off at me is cause i never wanna lose you guys. I love yas x

Tuesday, 10 March 2009


I have a feeling everyone is pissed off at me.
Will i have no friends by the end of this??

Sunday, 22 February 2009

The Last Week or Two.

Wednesday the Whatevereth - My House ;D
Chloe, Samie and Pamela all suck at Skate 2 likess..
And at GH Drums xD
Wow... Thats Interesting.

Thursday the Nextdayeth - Nout.
Friday the Dayaftereth - Zilch

Saturday - Pamela's Housee.

Youse aren't doing that again Samie & Pamela..
Twas Scary! D:

Sunday the Dayaftertheweirdyetfundayeth - Can't Remember...

Monday The Dayafterthedaywherenothinghappened...eth. - UNIT 23!
Me, Brian & Lewis went to Unit23 indoor skatepark.
Was Giiid Though.

SIDENOTE: Ae, I can Pass with Saying "Giid" ?

Tuesday the Dayafterskateparkdayeth - Samie & Chloes.
A few of us went to the Retards House (:
The Descent was well Giid.
Even though i don't like Scary things...
Final Destination 3 then Went on...
So we ate Pizza ;D
And i had VERY Little.
What they dont know is...
I had more Bread than them.. -Rolls Eyes-

Wednesday the Workdayeth - Work...
Worked in Maw & Pa's Tearoom :P
Aha. £24 for 5 hours...
Not bad for Minimum wage.
Then i Met Jorden & Lauren uptown.
We went... Anywhere.. really..

Thursday the 19th... See, I caught up with the Dates.. Eth.
Me, Lewis & Brian went to Falkirk skatepark.. It was Empty.
We hung around with the BMXer called Tom...
Who broke his Ankle.. Or Something..
He got a Granny Car thingy cause his foot...

Friday the 20th... New School Dayeth.
It looks like a Hospital/Opium Factory/Prison/Old Folks Home/Airport.
YAY. I'll adjust.

Saturdayy the Yesterdayeth.
Me and 8 Lassies stayed at Pamelas (H)
Me, Erin, Pamela, Sami, Chloe, Amy, Eve, Chantelle & Helen.
GANGBANG... You'd Think.
Nothing Happened til the Next day.

Sunday the Todayeth.
Around Midnight... I Was Dared to Kiss Samie...
Three Hours Later..... Yeahh ;D

Right now its... 20 to 9 and i'm sitting playing Skate 2.
I had a good Weekend.
A Good past week Even.

I love you all (:

Monday, 9 February 2009

All guys do is Game and make fun of Eachothers Mums.

The Title is the truth.
But you can't handle the truth !
Unless your a Lesbian... Probably.
Infact, that makes no sense.
ONWARD! (To Camelot)

Saturday was a Giid "Perty"
I said Get-Together, Woman, Get-Together!
But a loada us went round to Jordan Rennies.
Pamela asked what guys do all day...
Hence the title.

I'm about to start the Killzone 2 Demo...
It'll be Giiiiiiiidddd. :)

Right... Back to Rennies.
Craig had a thing about wedgying that night...
Guess thats how my boxers got ripped.
-Rolls Eyes-
Unless it was after all they laxatives.

We all played Xbox (Which is For fags. PS3 FTW) And ate Food.
Was giid.

Brian fell asleep early so we wrote stuff on him.
Like "I love Penus."
Spelling was intended.
I then drew a Penis on his head... Ending up looking like a belly dancer.

Few hours later i was half asleep.
They must of thought i was full asleep..
Brian attempted to write on me.
My Immediate reaction, You ask?
To "Accidentally" jump up and Bitchslap that Mofo's face ;D

Umm... Sunday.
Nothing really.
Tidied room all day.
New Furniture.

Was Okay.
Made up with my Best Pal.
Who seems to find Pete hotter than Pat.
That bitch owes me a hug from something :P

Yeah see.. I bolded Bitch.
Hows that make you feel!

Dentist after school.
S'all good in the Hoooodddd.
Then i played GH.
Wow. My Lifes Good.

Tomorrow... No Plans.
Wednesday... Pam, Sam & Chloe at Mine :)
Thurs... No Plans...
Friday... Shagging (H)

INFACT... I havent mentioned something.
Last Day at old Denny High Tomorrow.
I'm gonna bring a Sledgehammer.

I'll wreck the school worse than i wrecked yer Maw ;D

Bye Losers. x

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

This'll Make Me Solid :)

Yeah... The name of the blog.
Just ask me online :D

Right now i am sitting at home playing Guitar Hero.
Whats that Pamela :O
Though so :)

Sami says i should Blog cause i haven't in ages?
So immediately i go to my calender and see how long it has been.
36 Days :O

I'll write a decent length blog... well, Cause I'm cool like tha'.

Last Blog i was going out with Becca?
Man... It has been a while.

Um um um... I realised something important today.
I realised the folk i could trust with me life.
And lucky for you... You probably aren't in these 5 or 6 people.

I also made a new friend.
He's called Doug :)
I hope he reads this.... Only one other person knows who Doug is :D
I wonder if he can read this in fact...

Righttt... Statements i Guess?

1. I really don't like you much anymore more. You treat me like a DoorMatt.
See what i did there?? :P
Yes, anyway. You treat me like shit and act like you've Bitchwhipped me.
You have done anything but.
I highly dislike you atm, But Jane doesn't :)

2. You guys are Awesomeeee.
I won't ever follow the trend the your other pals have set.
I love you guys Alottttt :D
If you don't believe me... Look at your Hand :)
Unless you washed...
Which is Unlikely for you 3 xD

3. You're my best friend out of everyone atm.
I just wonder who Izzy is :P
Lmao x

For Fudge Cake.. Cant by bothered writing much more :)
Byyee Y'alll :P
Especially you 6 :) xD