Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Samantha Claire Green ;)

Ohhh. She's a Loser by the way.
But Hands off ;)

Only I am allowed to take the utter pish out of her xD
This loser has been there a lot for me.
4 years we've known eachother.
We didnt really like eachother at first, i don't think :]

I mind once in second year, me and Daniel were talking to her in the old school..
We were walking through the link and she was looking at us.
Shoulda watched where you were going and you wouldn't of walked in to that pillar ;)

We are absolutely amazing besto's now :P
Ever since we went out. Aha.
That didnt work out though :(
I hope we're still getting married though, And moving to Mianus!

Plan "Marks & Spencers" - Phail.

But i love my Samie and she'll always be there for me ;)
Shame she thinks Pete Wentz is hot.

Enjoy you're Birthday in 2 Days :D
Loves you Lots.
Best Friend.