Thursday, 20 November 2008


Those thourough Scrubs fans will know whats up with the name.
Johnny the tackling Alzheimer's patient.
Who... tackles doctors and patients while screaming, 'WHO AM I!?'
Why it's the name... Well.. Right now I'm watching Scrubs and Johnny is in it :)

ANYHOO.. today I've been paranoid.
I think people are talking about me.
I honestly don't care.. what people say about me.
I am me and i like being me.

ANOTHER Point of me being me.
I know the odd other person does also but i like to be unique and dont care what you think.
I don't want what you want!
I want to be me.

I've been annoyed today.. I dunno why.
People are so aggravating and.. well, ANNOYING.
Been annoyed since 7:37 am this morning.
So leave me alone and don't tell me how to look.
And if you have anything to say about me.
I don't care who it's to. As long as people don't fall out with me.

I love you all... Except Neds.
Well.. Some are all right.

1. Don't fall out with me cause of rumours
2. Well.. no other points. I like Listing stuff.

I know you're reading this and thinking
'Why hasn't he said he feels like this on msn'
But Please.. Make me Smile.

Catch x

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