Thursday, 2 April 2009


Right... Gimmie a min... Eating Food.
Nom Nom Nom.


Number one - Sometimes it's kind of annoying when you do it.
But it's for me benefit i guess.
Thanks :)

Number Two -
Ahh! I met you today and you're awesome.
Sucks how far away you live D:
I love your Accent!
I thought it was Californian ! :P

Number Three -
We're Best friends forever like!
I love you morestest babe :D
Hope all goes well with him ;)

Number Four - Dun Dun Dun...

Number Five - Ach, I love you babe :)



Turned on telly to see Pamela Anderson offer someone a cigarette... And the guy was like "I Don't Smoke." So she took a draw and a bullet shot out through the fag and hit his head. D:

He falls down dead and she goes "Neither do i."