Sunday, 16 November 2008

One Day :O

Change of Birthday Present Plans
Now... I'm Getting World Tour tomorrow ( My Birthday) and a new Phone for Christmas.
It can wait though... GH can't.

At Alex's playing Guitar Hero: World tour all day.. I Kick ass at the Guitar :P
But the drums... I'm a little rusty at the moment.
But the game kicks ass!!!

Well we didn't play it all day... Hayley (The Sexy Beast) came over and we (Me, Alex & Her) went to my house for a threesome (unplanned, Of Course.)
Hayley gives bad sex >.<

Anyhoo.. Just came off playing 'Super Obama World'
And yes.. you're right.. it is Mario.. WITH OBAMA!

Give me feedback of the game in the Comments...
I Personally think -Drumroll-
It Sucks.

More bad news people... Guns 'N' Roses new album, 'Chinese Democracy' Sucks.
The only original GnRist is Axl.
Its more like ..

Well tomorrow shall be Braw.. Everyone is coming to see me xD
YAY.. Happy Birthday to Me. :]

Ken what i just realised... The Irish Suck.

ANYWAY... I did a Zombie survival quiz the other day...
And i got the Grade of 'Z+'

'Your Knowledge , Strength and will to survive are unstoppable. It would take a nuclear holocaust to remove you from the face of this Earth. Zombies don't stand a chance.'


I'm Away.

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