Saturday, 22 November 2008


Once again. The name = Scrubs
Jason Cabbagio.
Cunningly Nicknamed 'Cabbage'!

Anyhoo.. I don't think i can be bothered to make a long Blog.
So Today. I Completed Guitar career on GH.
Enough of GH... DEAN. :)

Anyway... I got on Bus, Got to Town. Got Bored, Had to Go Shopping, Had to sit through another of Leonie's anger times. I honestly hate it when she does that. Were supposed to be having a fun day but she gets angry. ALWAYS.

Anyway.. Enough 'Bitching' if you'd call it that.

Anyway. I'm Bored.
Scrubs. Yay.

Everyone's doing statements so i might as well...

1. I don't know why you like her. That's it.
2. You taught me a lesson... I hope it was true and that it helps.
3. I want a bird... or a Mouse. That's not a statement, is it?
4. I think he needs help, he shouldn't think like that.

Catch. :)

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