Saturday, 27 December 2008

Blog, Blog, Blog, Blog.

Haven't Blogged in ages.
Havent been on computer in a while.
Gonna blog more when back from 'Holiday'


New Phone.
New Telly.
ACDC Tickets
Few Games
Few Tshirts.
Not Much. Mainly my Phone and Tv.

Meh... Dunno my mood right now. At least i've got Becca.. And South Park.. to talk to.

I love you all (:

But Mainly; Becca, Pam, Sami, Chloe, Other Chloe.. And for some reason Dean.
Cause he's a paedo.
And i'm Bored >.<


Bye. x

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Police see Ghosts,


Well... Yesterday Becca came over ;)
haha. Was Fun xD

She fell off the Bed.
King Sized bed.
AND... Orgasmed over Metallica ;D

Hehe... Cause she's a noob and has never played guitar hero.
I could do terrible on Expert and she'd still think it was Amazing ;D
Haha.. She played one song on GH... Easy.
"About a Girl - Nirvana"

I picked her up and dropped her... And we just lay on the bed ;D
And listened to Offspring.

Me - "And i'm mentioned my Love for Offspring..."
Becca - "More Than love, You'll end up marrying them."
Me - "I wish...."

Stayed at Brian's.. The noob fell asleep during a hot chick fight on DOA.
At 10:00pm.
So me and his wee Bro played Skate, GH2 and watched Skating all night.


Only one thing to talk about.

We go in to Stirling... Hang about with Becca for a bit then go away.
We Skate...


Breach of the Peace from skating in an empty street.
Many "Complaints" and "Near-Misses" from the people.
Police can see Ghosts.
Pamela's Right.
Everything she said about the Police is.

Except these 2 cool people who got them in trouble for Charging minors.
We got off Scott Free ;)
Haha... There are 2 cool Police at least.

I Love Becca :D

Catch x

Friday, 12 December 2008

Playstation Home :D

Och. It's Beautiful.
Playing playstation Home at the moment. It is amazing likes ;D
It's a free downloadable thing for the Puss3.
It's like a Virtual world... where you make your own house and shiz.
But it's Beautiful :|
And i've only been in my house so far!
Wanna know more? That's what Google's For ;D
Hehe. It Rhymes.

ANYHOO... Trying to go outside my house but i can;t for two reasons;

The Virtual scenery is awesome
The whole game didn't download as one so i have to download each new area as i go to it for a first time >.<

Enough about Home ;D

Wednesday... Did i blog then?
Or was it Tuesday..... YEAH.
I'll ask Jamie.

Matt <3>
When was my last blog post >.<

Jamie says:
there's a blank space from yesterday :\ but the last full post was Tuesday.

Thanks :)

Soo.. Wednesday.. Parents Evening.?
IT was ALL good.. Except Music.

Thursday... I started playing guitar again and i got HOME at night.

Friday... Guitar Hero, Skate, Alex's, HOME xD


Night Y'all ;D

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Tuesday, 9 December 2008


Almost a week Since my last Blog.
I want a blogging mood like Pamela... I go to Blog then stop and go.. Hey.. Guitar Hero :O

So... I go out with that amazing person now :)
If you haven't realised.. her name is Becca.
And i Love her xD

Saturday and Sunday were spent with her.
Uptown. Was Gooooood :)
I did my first Fakie Shuvit as well :O

I can never be bothered talking about how my week was.
Mainly Guitar Hero, Becca, Guitar Hero.. :)
On & On...
All Good though (y)

I realised how close me & Shelly are and i love the lass to BITS >.<

Now that was scary.
The front of my computer literally just fell off.
I'll fix it later.
No.. It's bugging me... Pamela's OCD has got me.

Well.. Today.
Right now i'm listening to Slipknot and dying of jealousy cause i couldn't go to yesterdays gig,
Whats up with this Intro the the Self-Titled.
It's the same thing Over & Over...

Listen. It's Short..
Like Brian's Pe-
Just Listen. :)
Freaky Much.?
"The whole thing i think is Sick"

Anyhoo.. Todayeth.

School was usual.
Got home and went to Alex's.
Skating & Guitar Hero.

Then got home and Pamela wouldn't let me in her band.

"Let Me be the Guitarist... I play Guitar Hero on Expert"

HOW MEAN?!??!?

I Totally rock at Guitar Hero as well D:
And i got over 9000 points on Singstar!
And she wouldn't let me sing.

"You can't kill me cause i'm already inside you"
Slipknot have weird lyrics.
Lyrics to the song (Sic)
Yes... It's in Brackets and spelled like that.

"If you're 555 then i'm 666!"
I'm gonna see them in June!!! xD

Listen to the Song 'Eyeless' by Slipknot!
Does anybody find the start of that sounds like Sonic Heroes...
Or some cheesy Video game.

Anyway... out with the dog today and i didn't like the abandoned dark streets.
I walked in the middle of the road and thought of what i'd do if i saw a zombie limped toward me.

"Okay... If the Zombie came from behind i'd run up... Tear that 'For Sale' sign out the grass and stab the sharp bit through it's head ;D"

I'm 'Pyoor Mental' as Dionne would say (:
She's such a Ned Like >.< style="font-weight: bold;">It may be getting a little long..
Please.. Someone say it.

I love youusseee.

Quick Shout-outs:

Pamela's Gay.
Dean likes Straight Penises.
Shelly my Best Pal :D
I'm a Pirate!
Louise is a Cam Whore ;)

Over. x

Wednesday, 3 December 2008


So, Last Post was Thursday.
I wanna do Quotes of the week to Begin.

"Girls are so Much Hotter than Guys!" - Jamie
"I can't get it in!" "But you Have to Come!" - Me & Jamie
"Straight Penis' are the Best!" - Dean
"Snnoooooowwwwww, Snooowwwwww" - Lewis
"Maybe i don't Wanna Whap it Out!" - Me xD

Well... That'll Do :]
I realised... I have Amazingly sexy eyes..
But i Still Love the Lass..

Incase no-one realised, I'm a Single Pringle D:
And i'm Okay.
The Guilt has Passed...

Well i like someone amazing, I'll just see how Saturday goes.
It's weird now, Look at my last Shout-out to Chloe.. Now I like Someone else...
And I'm Single.
But Aye, The lass i like is great xD
and Hot... :)

But Yeahh... Nothing to talk about... Except.. I'm Happy.

Onto today it looks

Not Fall
Guitar Hero

Been a Giiid Day.
I Think.

Talk again Laterzz :)
Catcha x