Sunday, 23 November 2008

Rowdy the Dog.

As my blog Usually starts... I'll explain the name.
Today i bought a Dog... A Blow-up dog... Called Rowdy xD

Got on the bus to Stirling and my Stalker got on... Her.
Ah Pure Luff That Lass Btwayy.
Well.. as i said, today i went into Stirling... Spends AGES in the new Hawkins Bazaar shop :)

I forgot to put on Yesterdays quote of the Day!
I Said it on the Bus...
'How come when cars flash they are saying Sorry or warning you.. and when i do it people sream and run?'

Lewis' quote of the day. .Yesterday: 'SNOW! SNOW!'

Anyhoo.. Back to today.
Well Stirling... Went to loads of different shops.
Can't be bothered saying what i did but we spent

1. One Hour in Hawkins Bazaar
2. One Hour in the Metal CD Section in Hoomve.
3. A While in Beanscene. WOOT HOT CHOCOLATE.

Nah. Can't be bothered.

Watching Scrubs now.. The usual..
Catch Babes ;P

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