Friday, 14 November 2008

First Post xO

You know, I've Heard that first blogs are a lot like sex... You want your first one to last a while. So Here goes :]

Well, Since it's my first blog i may as well tell you all everything.

I love many peop-
Who The hell Cares infact. This Blog is here to tell you all about my day and to make you Laugh.. Welcome to...


The Name: Your Probably Wondering.... Well Guess..!!
Yes - The name has a back story.
Maths, Period 6 -
'I like was totally walking along the road and i like saw this thing and i was like 'Whudafuh?!' Then it like stood up and i was like 'Whudafuh?!' Then it started chasing me and i was like 'Whudafuh?!' Then it fell and i was like 'Whudafuh?!' Then it died and i was like '..That's Cool.' Then it like stood up again and i was like 'Whudafuh?!' Then it died again... and never got back up. I mean 'Whudafuh?!'

Got the name yet? No. SHUN.

Those who have followed the blessing blogs of 'Pamelaarrr' will know the deal with this next part.
We. Are. Tallicists
We Follow Metallica.

You Start in the rank of Trujillo (Bass) He's the Newbie and No-one likes him. He looks like a man who dresses like a woman who dresses like a man!!!
Next: Ulrich (Drums) Yeah.. He's cool... But not as cool as Hetfield or Hammett.
So Next: Hetfield... If you don't know the power of this guys beard... Go Die :]
And Top Rank: HAMMETTT!!!!! Cause He's Awesome.

Well i said this would be a long post... it seems long to me, but...
It's Not Over Yet!!

Nah... It is...

Infact... NO!

I'll tell you about Bullet!!!!
This is mainly to make Pamela Jealous.
On Sunday the 9th of November i went to see Bullet at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange!
First Gig = First Mosh Pits, First Circle Pit & First wall of Death..!!

It was Freaking AWESOME!

They had an Awesome set list... But i wont say it...

Scream, Aim, Fire
Say Goodnight
Four Words to Choke Upon
Hand of Blood
The Poison
Suffocating under words of Sorrow
Eye of the Storm
All These Things i Hate
Hearts Burst Into Fire
Tears Don't Fall
The End
Waking The Demon
Forever & Always.

Oops... Too Late Now...
Jealous? I thought So...

Well i'll Catch you Later...

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FxckingScenescare said...

First Post...

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It started all this blogging shit :)

I love you mattheww :)