Sunday, 22 February 2009

The Last Week or Two.

Wednesday the Whatevereth - My House ;D
Chloe, Samie and Pamela all suck at Skate 2 likess..
And at GH Drums xD
Wow... Thats Interesting.

Thursday the Nextdayeth - Nout.
Friday the Dayaftereth - Zilch

Saturday - Pamela's Housee.

Youse aren't doing that again Samie & Pamela..
Twas Scary! D:

Sunday the Dayaftertheweirdyetfundayeth - Can't Remember...

Monday The Dayafterthedaywherenothinghappened...eth. - UNIT 23!
Me, Brian & Lewis went to Unit23 indoor skatepark.
Was Giiid Though.

SIDENOTE: Ae, I can Pass with Saying "Giid" ?

Tuesday the Dayafterskateparkdayeth - Samie & Chloes.
A few of us went to the Retards House (:
The Descent was well Giid.
Even though i don't like Scary things...
Final Destination 3 then Went on...
So we ate Pizza ;D
And i had VERY Little.
What they dont know is...
I had more Bread than them.. -Rolls Eyes-

Wednesday the Workdayeth - Work...
Worked in Maw & Pa's Tearoom :P
Aha. £24 for 5 hours...
Not bad for Minimum wage.
Then i Met Jorden & Lauren uptown.
We went... Anywhere.. really..

Thursday the 19th... See, I caught up with the Dates.. Eth.
Me, Lewis & Brian went to Falkirk skatepark.. It was Empty.
We hung around with the BMXer called Tom...
Who broke his Ankle.. Or Something..
He got a Granny Car thingy cause his foot...

Friday the 20th... New School Dayeth.
It looks like a Hospital/Opium Factory/Prison/Old Folks Home/Airport.
YAY. I'll adjust.

Saturdayy the Yesterdayeth.
Me and 8 Lassies stayed at Pamelas (H)
Me, Erin, Pamela, Sami, Chloe, Amy, Eve, Chantelle & Helen.
GANGBANG... You'd Think.
Nothing Happened til the Next day.

Sunday the Todayeth.
Around Midnight... I Was Dared to Kiss Samie...
Three Hours Later..... Yeahh ;D

Right now its... 20 to 9 and i'm sitting playing Skate 2.
I had a good Weekend.
A Good past week Even.

I love you all (:

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