Thursday, 12 March 2009

Only Statements.

1. Okay, Maybe i do. But you don't.

2. I know you'll never read this but... You annoy the hell outta me. None of us actually like you.

3. I want to be best friends again?

4. Similar to 2... Except its only just happened. You are becoming a dick like 5.

5. You're a dick.

6. I love you two, aha. You're like two of my best pals now. :)

7. How come we hated each other in 1st, 2nd ad 3rd year... Now we're best friends?

8. I still don't like you, Carpet Shagger. ;D

Isn't 8 so Obvious.

9. I'm sorry for anything i ever did EVER to hurt you three. You're way better pals then 4 & 5 and the only reason I'm paranoid about you always being pissed off at me is cause i never wanna lose you guys. I love yas x

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