Tuesday, 3 February 2009

This'll Make Me Solid :)

Yeah... The name of the blog.
Just ask me online :D

Right now i am sitting at home playing Guitar Hero.
Whats that Pamela :O
Though so :)

Sami says i should Blog cause i haven't in ages?
So immediately i go to my calender and see how long it has been.
36 Days :O

I'll write a decent length blog... well, Cause I'm cool like tha'.

Last Blog i was going out with Becca?
Man... It has been a while.

Um um um... I realised something important today.
I realised the folk i could trust with me life.
And lucky for you... You probably aren't in these 5 or 6 people.

I also made a new friend.
He's called Doug :)
I hope he reads this.... Only one other person knows who Doug is :D
I wonder if he can read this in fact...

Righttt... Statements i Guess?

1. I really don't like you much anymore more. You treat me like a DoorMatt.
See what i did there?? :P
Yes, anyway. You treat me like shit and act like you've Bitchwhipped me.
You have done anything but.
I highly dislike you atm, But Jane doesn't :)

2. You guys are Awesomeeee.
I won't ever follow the trend the your other pals have set.
I love you guys Alottttt :D
If you don't believe me... Look at your Hand :)
Unless you washed...
Which is Unlikely for you 3 xD

3. You're my best friend out of everyone atm.
I just wonder who Izzy is :P
Lmao x

For Fudge Cake.. Cant by bothered writing much more :)
Byyee Y'alll :P
Especially you 6 :) xD

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