Monday, 9 February 2009

All guys do is Game and make fun of Eachothers Mums.

The Title is the truth.
But you can't handle the truth !
Unless your a Lesbian... Probably.
Infact, that makes no sense.
ONWARD! (To Camelot)

Saturday was a Giid "Perty"
I said Get-Together, Woman, Get-Together!
But a loada us went round to Jordan Rennies.
Pamela asked what guys do all day...
Hence the title.

I'm about to start the Killzone 2 Demo...
It'll be Giiiiiiiidddd. :)

Right... Back to Rennies.
Craig had a thing about wedgying that night...
Guess thats how my boxers got ripped.
-Rolls Eyes-
Unless it was after all they laxatives.

We all played Xbox (Which is For fags. PS3 FTW) And ate Food.
Was giid.

Brian fell asleep early so we wrote stuff on him.
Like "I love Penus."
Spelling was intended.
I then drew a Penis on his head... Ending up looking like a belly dancer.

Few hours later i was half asleep.
They must of thought i was full asleep..
Brian attempted to write on me.
My Immediate reaction, You ask?
To "Accidentally" jump up and Bitchslap that Mofo's face ;D

Umm... Sunday.
Nothing really.
Tidied room all day.
New Furniture.

Was Okay.
Made up with my Best Pal.
Who seems to find Pete hotter than Pat.
That bitch owes me a hug from something :P

Yeah see.. I bolded Bitch.
Hows that make you feel!

Dentist after school.
S'all good in the Hoooodddd.
Then i played GH.
Wow. My Lifes Good.

Tomorrow... No Plans.
Wednesday... Pam, Sam & Chloe at Mine :)
Thurs... No Plans...
Friday... Shagging (H)

INFACT... I havent mentioned something.
Last Day at old Denny High Tomorrow.
I'm gonna bring a Sledgehammer.

I'll wreck the school worse than i wrecked yer Maw ;D

Bye Losers. x

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