Friday, 12 December 2008

Playstation Home :D

Och. It's Beautiful.
Playing playstation Home at the moment. It is amazing likes ;D
It's a free downloadable thing for the Puss3.
It's like a Virtual world... where you make your own house and shiz.
But it's Beautiful :|
And i've only been in my house so far!
Wanna know more? That's what Google's For ;D
Hehe. It Rhymes.

ANYHOO... Trying to go outside my house but i can;t for two reasons;

The Virtual scenery is awesome
The whole game didn't download as one so i have to download each new area as i go to it for a first time >.<

Enough about Home ;D

Wednesday... Did i blog then?
Or was it Tuesday..... YEAH.
I'll ask Jamie.

Matt <3>
When was my last blog post >.<

Jamie says:
there's a blank space from yesterday :\ but the last full post was Tuesday.

Thanks :)

Soo.. Wednesday.. Parents Evening.?
IT was ALL good.. Except Music.

Thursday... I started playing guitar again and i got HOME at night.

Friday... Guitar Hero, Skate, Alex's, HOME xD


Night Y'all ;D

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